The mission of CHILD, Inc.’s Governor Terry Children’s Center is to reduce the possibility, incidence, or reoccurrence of child abuse or neglect by providing an emergency home, food, clothing and age-appropriate counseling to children, ages six through seventeen years.  CHILD, Inc. currently operates the Governor Terry Children’s Center.  These children are in the care of the State of Delaware, Division of Family Services.  The Home is a 10-bed, 30-day stay for residents.

 In addition to provision of essential needs, everyday crisis alleviation and supportive care, each resident receives a thorough psychosocial assessment, as well as continued individual counseling when needed.  Other services such as advocacy, referrals, collateral involvement and therapeutic family interactions, are provided when appropriate.  Clinical and other general observations about the children and youth are possible because of the unique 24-hour home-like environment, and can be useful in making recommendations about future placement, medical conditions, mental health issues, and social needs.  The Home director and staff become integral in the experience of the children and youth during a potentially traumatic period in their lives.

 Home staff provides transportation as needed so that residents may continue going to the schools that they attended before placement, providing continuity. The residents also take part in weekly group activities, evening study time, recreational activities and outings.  Several organizations in the community generously donate goods, services, and/or provision of various activities to the residents throughout the year.