Runaway and Homeless Youth Hotline:  (302) 762-6373

The goals of the Runaway and Homeless Youth Program is to improve family functioning and reduce out-of-home placements.

Dysfunctional behavior, such as defiance, disrespect, drug use, and truancy continue to be a major concern in many families. Sometimes, youth run away from home or school as a way of coping with these, and many other challenges.  Where can they go for help, without the fear of being judged, misunderstood, or even punished?

The Runaway and Homeless Youth Project of CHILD, Inc. operates a 24-Hour Runaway Hotline that serves as a vital link between runaways, their families, and CHILD, Inc. counseling services.  The Project provides free individual and family counseling, a temporary emergency home, and related services to runaway and homeless youth and families experiencing stress.   

Free outreach presentations are also available.